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Odoo Opleidingen

Start je binnenkort met Odoo of heb je nieuwe medewerkers in je team? Dan is deze opleiding ideaal. We starten met de basis zodat ook beginners kunnen aansluiten. Tevens omvatten de opleidingen de meest gangbare flows die nagenoeg ieder bedrijf nodig heeft. 

Schrijf je in! 


Aankomende evenementen:


Practical solutions

With Callista we implement standard Odoo software which can be extended with custom apps to fulfil client requirements.


Dealer portal
Stock routings

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B2C Webshop
KPI dashboards

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Integrate payroll
HR evaluations
RFID badging
Project planning

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Construction Industry

Field work orders
Budget follow up
Project planning

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Manufacturing Industry

Inventory forecasting
Bill of materials
Production planning
Advanced reporting

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Kitchen and interior

Design software integration
Installation planning
Field work orders
After-sales follow up

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Odoo - Exact Online Connector

Exact Online is used by many accountants within Belgium and the Netherlands. Callista build an integration between Odoo and Exact Online to support requests of accountants who like to continue their work in Exact Online while the company is having their business processes digitalised in Odoo.

Callista developed this solution since 6 years ago. Every year we upgrade this integration to the newest version of Odoo. We sell and support the latest three versions of Odoo for all customers who have a subscription on this connector.


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Our custom apps

Attendance badging

Using a RFID badge / keychain, employees can easily register their attendances. We foresee the necessary hardware to save the badge registration. The registration can be extended with extra features like an automatic pauze extraction of automatic closing times. All data can be found in the Odoo system, using standard reporting views. 

Op basis van de start -en eindtijden worden volgende automatisaties op de uren toegepast: 

  • Keychain badging

  • ...

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Construction budgeting

Companies in Flanders (Belgium) use a specific standard to share construction budgets among partners. Starting from a contractor or an architect, they setup a list of required materials and services with a details description to be fulfilled by their contraction partners, each of them specialised in a different area.

This standard methodology of managing a budget of constructions, is not only used at quotation level but also to follow up the budget during the construction works. Subcontractor can only receive revenue based on the agreements being defined by the contractor or its architect. The construction budget garanties the structure of details and simplifies its follow-up.

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Technician portal

By using a dedicated technician portal, companies reduce administration and have assurance they receive all field service details to complete their invoicing. Using a technician portal you are able to:  

  • Give restricted access to your technicians, containing no sales prices or other unnecessary details 

  • Enforce technicians to complete all te details by using required fields and other validations  

  • Share a planning so technicians can focus on priorities

  • Complete and validate service reports to push them to invoicing in only one click  

  • ...

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De kmo-portefeuille is een maatregel waardoor je – als ondernemer – financiële steun krijgt voor de aankoop van diensten die de kwaliteit van je onderneming verbeteren. Concreet zijn dat opleidingen en adviesdiensten. 

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